GRE tutoring:

 Hi, David, 

I took the GRE, and did great-- Math: 650 (yes!), Verbal: 770(yes!)

You were incredibly helpful, and I went into the test much less anxious than I would have been otherwise. I really, really appreciate all your help. Thank you so very much. 

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. 

All the Best,



 Dear David,

-Whitman parent


The writing score is not yet posted but Dillon received a composite of 34 on the October ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please feel free to use me as a reference!

-Abbie M. (Gonzaga parent)


Alexa got a 31 on her ACT. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your effort and especially your confidence in her. Honestly, you are the only person that ever made her feel like she was smarter then she tested. Although we do not need to come back now, I am very grateful. I will def bring my son early and often : )


Karen Z. (Churchill parent)



Just wanted to let you know that Rebecca improved significantly on her

ACT test after your tutoring (she got a 33 composite).  Thanks for all your help.  I have let people know what a help you were.  Fortunately, she is now done with all her college prep tests! Thanks.

-Whitman parent


Dear David,

You did great work with Julianna and we are very appreciative.  She may not have loved having to prepare for the ACT, but she was always ready to do what you asked and to come to your sessions with her.  You made it as positive an experience as anyone could have, and Julianna knew that.  We feel you gave Julianna great guidance in preparing for the ACT as well as building on needed life/academic skills for the future.

Thank you,

Claudia (GDS parent)


Learn Differently:


I wanted to say "thank you" for the help and preparation you offered Kaitlyn. She thoroughly enjoyed her time with you. She is singing your praises. I don't know what will come of this but you did boost her confidence not just her skills.  

She has a significant reading disorder despite a good intelligence level and positive attitude. Her ADHD gets in the way sometimes as does her anxiety, but this week spent with yd; this time, she will be published in the journal "Psychopharmacology." For the first time, she is listed as the first author.  We are very proud of Julie and grateful to both of you.


Linda M. (Lab School parent)


Congratulations David on your being listed among the best Exam Preps in the magazine!!

I wanted to pass along something Aidan said today.  He said "I guess David Storper really helped me get into college." That's about the closest Aidan gets to giving a complement, so that is huge coming from him.  (I'll wait another 30 years to get mine...:)

So, I thought I'd let you know that Aidan has been accepted at Georgia Tech and at Case Western (with a $22.5K /yr scholarship). We are still waiting to hear from U.MD and Virginia Tech.   

Happy New year, David.

Thank you again for all of the support that you have given Aidan, which has  really helped him to get accepted to schools he is interested in attending.

Kind regards,

Michelle C. (Whitman parent)


Thank you very much for sending me David Storper's contact information.  I know that Joe told you, but I will repeat--Joe's preparation and use of strategies for this ACT test were outstanding.  I do not think I have ever seen a student better prepared!

Trudy L. Fleisher, M.A.
College Advisor
The Lab School of Washington


Hi David,
I just wanted to share with you that Irina was accepted at the 5 colleges where she applied, including Penn State.  Not only that, she received 6 figure scholarships to 4 schools and just under 6 figures to the fifth school.  We expected nothing in terms of scholarships, so this was a nice surprise!

Without her improved ACT score, she would not be in the fine position she currently finds herself.

Thanks and happy holidays!
Tara (Lab School Parent)


Calculus tutoring:

I hope your summer is going well.  I just wanted to thank you for your work with Alex on her calculus.  She ended up with a 4 on the AP test and an A in the class.  And she really enjoyed working with you.

Thanks again, 

Liz (School Without Walls parent) 

P.S. If you ever need references you can put us on your list of satisfied customers.


SAT Subject Tests:

hi - Francesca got a 760 in the math level 2!!!! Thank you for encouraging her to do that one again. She had gotten a 600 on it last June. That's a HUGE improvement. (put that in your advertising)

-BCC parent


 Peer tutoring:

Thank you for all your help-- Tess says it's been terrifically beneficial and is feeling really good about fall semester. 

-Parent of middle school student


SAT tutoring:

Hi David, did Adin tell u his score went up over 100 points???? You r a genius. Thank u!!! Carol (Field School parent)


Hey David, 

I hope all is well with you and yours. I wanted to let you know that Diana got in early admission to Washington University in Saint Louis! So thanks for all your help. She is very happy with Wash U, as are we. So you have yet another happy customer (and family of customer). Thanks again for all of your help with both girls. 

I am happy to recommend your services if you ever need a personal recommendation. 

Thanks again. 


Liz R. (GDS mom) 


Hi David, 

Thanks so much for your excellent coaching, which no doubt contributed to this happy outcome.  For your information,  he was accepted at Oberlin (scholarship), Occidental, Skidmore, Sarah Lawrence, and Georgetown as well.   WL at Wash U, rejected at Northwestern, Tufts, Wesleyan.  

All the best, 

Paul A. (GDS parent)


Hello David,

I hope this email finds you doing very well on this beautiful holiday season. My mommy shared your amazing accomplishment with me and I couldn't help but to be so happy for you, your family, and the firm. 

You truly make a profound difference in the lives and futures of your students and I am a proud and grateful former student of PrepU Tutoring.  

Congratulations on being the best.  


Claudia A. (Blake grad)


College Admission Essays:

Dear David: 

I just wanted to thank you for your help with preparing Helena. She got admitted in early decision to NYU for economics at both the New York and Shanghai campuses, now we have to figure out which one to take. 

Happy Holidays, 

Bjorn (German school parent)


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SSAT tutoring:

Hi David, :none;word-spacing:0px">Thanks again. And happy thanksgiving!



Magnet Admissions

Hi David,
Just wanted to let you know that Alex got into the Blair High School math, science, and computer science magnet program.  He's very excited about it.

Thanks for everything you did for Alex.  I think he approached the magnet admissions test in a calm, systematic way.  He didn't go blank when he got to the essay portion of the test.  I have to credit your tutoring and the approach you took with him.  He definitely felt confident and calm going into that test.

Best regards,